#afftonstrong Students - October 2018

Congratulations to our October 2018 #afftonstrong Students! They include:

Charlie BMeet Charlie B., Mesnier Primary School kindergartner and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher: Charlie has such a genuine kind, empathetic, and compassionate heart. She helps struggling students and cheers successful students without being asked to do either. I continually hear her talking to her classmates about the importance of 'including everyone, leaving no one out, making good choices, encouraging friends that it is ok to disagree or make a different choice, etc'. When a student who speaks no English first said an English word she patted the student on the back with a big smile and said, "Good Job!" The other students didn't even realize what had been said. When a boy wanted to color using a purple crayon, another student told him that purple is a girl color. Charlie was quick to say, "Anybody can use any color - that's why you get so many in the box!" I have seen her ask students to play outside when they are walking alone. I have also seen her show such concern, compassion, and genuine kindness when someone is sad, frustrated, or in need of an encouraging word. She truly goes out of her way and above and beyond to make others feel happy, safe, and welcome. Quite amazing since she is just 5 years old! Way to go, Charlie!

Melanie FMeet Melanie F., #afftonstrong Student from Rogers Middle School. From her teacher: Melanie is one of the most empathetic students I have ever had. She is always ready to help a classmate with their schoolwork or their problems. When older students wrote letters of welcome to incoming sixth graders, Melanie was quite sincere and honest with her advice for making the most of sixth grade. She was the first to include her email address to her unknown recipient with the invitation "Have a great school year. Use this advice for help and if you ever need to email me, here is my email address." She heard from the student with whom she connected through the letter that same afternoon. How cool is that?

Jayla LMeet Jayla L., Affton High School senior and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Jayla is the hardest worker I have ever met in my life! When she is faced with a struggle in the classroom, she doesn't give up until she figures it out. I have had this student in my class for 4 years and not once have I seen her back down from one of her struggles. She is here to prove to HERSELF and no one else that she can do it! 

Seth MMeet Seth M., #afftonstrong Student from Affton High School. From his teacher: Seth is a dedicated and well-rounded student. His commitment to the learning process is commendable in itself, but his ability to invite other students into a discussion is simply a breath of fresh air. He likes to voice his opinion, but wants to hear what his peers have to say. He encourages others to get excited about the material and they are very receptive to him. He is a blessing to have in a first period class when everyone is still half asleep. 

Kennedy MMeet Kennedy M., #afftonstrong Student from Affton High School. From her teacher: I heard Kennedy standing up for another student who was being made fun of for some of their differences. Kennedy was forceful, yet polite, and explained how she felt about their actions and how it was hurting the other student. Since then, all negative comments have stopped. I feel so proud of Kennedy for the way she stood up for her classmate.

Nikolas PMeet Nikolas P., Affton Early Childhood Pre-K and #afftonstrong Student. From his teacher: Nikolas stands out in my classroom as a child who has empathy for others and puts friends' needs before his own. I have seen him give up his spot at the table, where he is playing with blocks, to allow a sad friend a turn with the toys. If someone is sad or crying, Nikolas comes to their rescue with a hug and asks them if they are okay. Empathy and caring for others are both strong skills that Nikolas has acquired at a young age. 

Antonia SMeet Antonia S., Gotsch Intermediate School third-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher: Antonia is a kind and caring individual. From the moment I met her, I could tell she was a jewel. Through her quiet and calm manner, she accepts others for their diversity. During my lessons, she is attentive, hard-working, and is determined to see a task through to the end. She is a natural born leader in a quiet and unassuming way. If it weren't for a nomination program like this, she may not otherwise be recognized because Antonia is the type of student who goes about her day being kind and doing the right thing, even when no one notices. I notice. She is a gem and a true #afftonstrong student.
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