#afftonstrong Students - December 2018

Congratulations to our December 2018 #afftonstrong Students! They include:

Katie B.Meet Katie B., Mesnier Primary second-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher: This student shows up every day, not only ready to learn but ready to be kind and helpful to those around her. Ready to offer support when needed and a listening ear if a friend is having a problem. Ready to give kind words to friends whose feelings get hurt or are having a bad day. This student is always so understanding of any situation and shows compassion and determination in everything she does. She is the true meaning of GRIT!

Isabella B.Meet Isabella B, Rogers Middle School seventh-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Isabella is an outstanding example of our core values. Bella is an actress and dancer who has been volunteering with the Variety Club Children's Theatre productions over the last three years. She is sharing her love of dance and theatre with kids who have challenges, but also share her dreams of being on stage. Bella has a lot of late night rehearsals, and demanding performance schedules, but has not let it interfere with her academics.  When writing about her experience, she says "The rehearsals and shows were definitely long, but completely worth it.... I do help out with the kids and help them accomplish things that they want to do!' Kudos to Bella for sharing her talents with others and helping them realize their dreams.

Ladarius C.Meet Ladarius C., Rogers Middle School sixth-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From one of his teachers: Ladarius, or Smiley as I like to call him, has one of those smiles that lights up a room. He is a joy to have in class and gets along so well with his peers and teachers. Overcoming a brain tumor in 4th grade, Ladarius loves life and is truly grateful for each day. His attitude is a  great reminder to always be our best.

Alex H.Meet Alex H., Affton High School junior and #afftonstrong Student. From one of his teachers: Alex is one of only two juniors in the St. Louis CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) Global Business & Entrepreneurship program.  Alex has made great strides in his ability to creatively think and innovate, communicate, and learn throughout the first semester.  In the CAPS program, students are tasked with working with "real world" business partners on "real world projects."  

Alex has played a major role in each client project by taking initiative to be a part of those teams.  He never once had to "be assigned" to a project or task, because he has actively pursued those opportunities to learn and grow.  At the beginning of the semester, I complimented Alex's initiative to which he replied, "I think you'll get out of this program what you put into it."  He has not disappointed!  Not only has he been a major part of almost every client project thus far, but he is also leading one of our major client projects for the school year which involves creating, designing, and promoting a 5k for a non-profit organization known as Bridge Builders STL.  In keeping with one mission of the non-profit ("building community connections" ), Alex proposed an innovative route and plan for revitalizing part of the local community while also being an effective race route for the organization.  Alex does not just stop at "good enough" - he is constantly thinking of new and creative ways to "go above and beyond" expectations for the betterment of all involved.

Meet Rachel S., Affton High School senior and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Rachel is an excellent student, classmate, and peer. She excels in my Personal Finance class and is always willing to help others learn the material. She is respectful, responsible, and hardworking. She turns her work in on time, works hard on her assignments, and displays a strong work ethic. I have enjoyed having  Rachel in class!

Katy T.Meet Katy T., Rogers Middle School sixth-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teachers: Katy is an incredibly hardworking student! She consistently goes above and beyond what is expected, both academically and socially. She always has a kind word for those who are fortunate to encounter her throughout the day. She is responsible and respectful and a good leader for all!

Kimia U.Meet Kimia U., Affton High School senior and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Kimia works very hard to overcome her challenges. She stays involved with cheerleading, despite working to help her family. She even pays for her own Uber to get to work. She is always willing to help others, and is always pleasant to everyone around her. 
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