Why are Props I+N Needed?


  • Affton School District is 85 percent locally funded, meaning it relies on local assessed valuation and property taxes for the majority of its revenue.
  • Affton has faced a relatively flat revenue since 2010. Three factors contribute to the need for more funding: declining property values, reductions in state funding and continued tax appeals by large commercial property owners. (In the last year, Affton has had to refund more than $546,000 in taxes to commercial property owners.)Assessed Valuation
  • Affton School District has aggressively reduced non-instructional operating costs to maximize dollars for the classroom. Since 2014, the District has cut $2 million from its operating costs with the goal of making cuts as far away from our classroom teachers as possible. This includes reducing administrative staff, eliminating instructional support positions, and reducing budgets for supplies and equipment.
  • Further cuts will significantly impact existing programs and services for students and undermine the strides the district has made in the academic achievement of its students, which has earned the district and its schools state and national recognition.
  • It’s been 12 years since voters approved a tax levy, which was the last time the District has asked taxpayers for a tax levy or bond issue. In 2004, Proposition 1 allowed the district to improve staff salaries, eliminate deficit spending and maintain the District’s buildings. With the increase provided by Prop 1, it was projected that the District could remain fiscally sound through the 2008-2009 school year. Through careful planning and strategic data-driven decisions, Affton School District has been able to extend that projection for an additional 8 years.


Voter approval of Props I+N will enable Affton to maintain and protect the quality of programs and staffing in the district, eliminate deficit spending, allow for improvements at every one of the District’s schools, and secure property values for district residents.


Without added revenues, Affton will face additional cost saving measures, which could include:

  • Reducing additional positions, resulting in fewer teachers, support staff and administrators and higher class sizes;
  • Cutting valuable student programs;
  • Cutting math and reading assistance for students;
  • Eliminating transportation less than three miles from school (the state minimum);
  • Charging fees for students to participate in sports and after-school activities, which could increase parents’ annual out-of-pocket expenses;
  • Eliminating building improvements and reducing maintenance efforts; and
  • Cutting an additional $500,000 from the budget in 2017-2018 and another $1 million in 2018-2019.
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