May 2019

#afftonstrong Students - May 2019

Congratulations to our May 2019 #afftonstrong Students! They include:

Meet Amir A., Affton High School senior and #afftonstrong Student. From a staff member: Last year Amir dropped out of school after the death of his mother. Although he eventually re-enrolled in the spring, he found himself unable to re-engage with being a student. When I met Amir at the beginning of this school year, he was avoiding academics at all costs, was frequently absent, and was on track to graduate later than all of his peers. However, after doing a serious evaluation of his then current life choices and future prospects if he stayed on the same path, Amir decided it was time to make a change. And change he did. 
      After weeks of preparation, Amir qualified to enroll in the Missouri Option Program, an alternative path to graduation for at-risk students. Once enrolled in his new courses, Amir took up the habit of saying, "New Year, New Me, Baby!" when he walked in the door each morning. And he really has transformed himself into a new person. 
      He has stayed ahead in courses this semester and constantly encourages his classmates who are not as academically successful as they could be with lines like, "Hey, If I can do it, I know you can do it." He invites other students to go to the library to study after school, something completely unthinkable in September. And he's always more than willing to give his classmates rides to school or work, even if he doesn't really know them, just because he now wants to help others overcome their barriers.
      Through his new-found diligence and persistence, Amir has radically changed his prospects for this year and his future in general: he will be graduating in a few short weeks and has been admitted to St. Louis Community College for next year.

Meet Gianni B., Affton High School freshman and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Gianni is smart, creative, funny, and a kind student. If I’m ever having a bad day and see Gianni she always puts a smile on my face. She’s a great kid and I hope she knows that! 

Meet Maya C., Affton High School junior and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Maya is truly an outstanding student and person. She is an incredibly hard worker and intrinsically motivated individual. Maya excels in everything she puts her mind to. She is one of only two students who earned a place to compete at the state music competition, and she earned a Gold! She is calm and respectful, very humble, and quietly accepts praise and admiration. The relationships she has with fellow students and teachers alike is one of camaraderie and respect. I am so proud of her!

Meet Brecken L., Affton Early Childhood preschooler and #afftonstrong Student. From his teacher: Brecken, what an incredible child he is! He is always helping others. When a friend was out for surgery at the beginning of the year he was always making cards and asking about this student. And when this child returned to class he was the first some to greet her with a smile on his face. He has the biggest heart! Brecken is always reminding teachers to "Wish People Well" when they are not in class. He never leaves anyone behind and you can sometimes hear him reminding classmates to show empathy by saying, "He is still learning." Brecken is not only helpful but he's a hard worker! He works to learn, practice and expand his skills. He has made so much growth this year! We are proud of you. Good luck next year in kindergarten.

Meet Furaha M., Affton High School junior and #afftonstrong Student. From one of her teachers: Mihigo is one of the hardest working students I have had the privilege to teach.  She tackles every assignment to the best of her ability.  Her optimistic attitude and constant smile are contagious to others around her.  She is a delight to know as a student and person.

Meet Allison M., Affton High School freshman and #afftonstrong Student. From a staff member: Allison is a terrific freshman student at AHS and carries a GPA of 3.6. She is also a committed athlete in Cross Country. This year before a meet, she was so caught up in her studies, she missed the bus to Orchard Farms for their meet. Needless to say, Allison was upset yet determined to get there and she did! Not only did she get there, she broke her personal record at 5'0 in the Pole Vault competition! Allison is a sweet young lady with many friends and AHS is proud to have her as an example for other athletes to look up to!

Meet Christopher P., Rogers Middle School eighth-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From one of his teachers:  Chris is a kind and respectful student.  No matter what kind of day he is having, he always stops and says hello and good morning.  He is helpful with other students if they are struggling in their behaviors or academically.  When he is absent, he emails to find out what he has missed and always is prepared upon his return.  No matter what the assignment challenge is for Chris, he completes it with a smile on his face.  Chris is the epitome of what RMS core values.  It has been my privilege to have him in class.

Meet Leah R., Rogers Middle School sixth-graders and #afftonstrong Student. From her teachers: Leah comes to school every single day with a bright smile and great attitude!  She goes above and beyond what is asked of her and does very thoughtful school work.  She goes out of her way to be an amazing friend to anyone who needs one!  Leah is extremely talented in many areas and we LOVE how she loves to read! We look forward to seeing Leah in the halls and having her in class! Her smile is contagious!

 Meet Kaylee S., Mesnier Primary School kindergartner and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher: Kaylee comes to school every day ready to learn.  She is quick to follow directions and is always sitting quietly on the rug ready for the next subject.  She is focused and completes her work quickly without any reminders and is a strong role model for the other students.  She is very helpful and daily asks me if I have any jobs for her in the classroom.  She is a kind, hardworking, and motivated student every day in the classroom.

Meet Aldina S., Rogers Middle School seventh-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teachers:  Aldina is kind and considerate to everyone. She goes out of her way to positively greet teachers and students in every classroom every day. Aldina is a true learner, she is inquisitive and conscientious in her school work. She is also a creative and talented anime artist who shares her passion with friends and classmates. Team Mystic is fortunate to have Aldina on our team this year! She makes Affton STRONG!

Meet Dominic S., Affton High School freshman and #afftonstrong Student. From one of his teachers:  Dominic is a sweet, quiet student who is super respectful. He says things like yes ma’am, please, and thank you. I know it sounds simple but this is something a lot of students his age do not do. He also tries soooo hard and does the very best he can at any given task. I couldn’t ask for a greater kid to have in class! 

Meet Jane W., Mesnier Primary School first-grader and #afftonstrong Student. From her teacher: Jane shows excellence by staying ready to learn every day.  She is always focused on the carpet, gets all her work finished quickly, and participates in collaborative work.  She shows integrity by being honest. She will turn in lost and found items and works hard to help friends problem solve.  She is inclusive and builds relationships by being excited to work with anyone in the class for partner activities.  Jane also participates in all the donation activities throughout the year and even volunteers her time outside of school at an animal rescue center.  She is a student that always strives for excellence! 
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