Before & After Care

Before School Cougar Care

Students can arrive starting at 6:30am. Morning activities can include art, board games, and block building, and even gym/outside time depending on the weather. Breakfast is NOT included in morning care. Breakfast can be purchased through the school at an additional cost.

After School Cougar Care

Students go directly to Cougar Care when they are released for the school day. Once in Cougar Care, attendance is taken and students are given a snack. Provided snacks are within the district’s wellness guidelines. Activities in after care may include (but are not limited to) homework time, board games, sports, art projects, constructive or dramatic play, and outdoor playtime. Students have many resources available to them. It is not necessary for toys to be brought from home.

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Health and Safety

For the 2021-2022 school year, all health and safety protocols related to COVID-19 that are in place in Affton Schools will be followed. All Affton discipline guidelines are enforced during our program. If your child has a medical need or concern, there is a registered nurse on staff ready to assist your student as needed. The nurse is able to administer student medication and attend to minor injuries as they occur. The administering of medications will follow district policy guidelines.

Enrollment Information 

Contact Melissa Eckhard at the Affton Administration Building.
(Please note: Enrollment forms and any payments can only be accepted by Melissa Eckhard.)

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