Affton Sets 2022 Tax Rate

On Tues., Sept. 20, the Affton Board of Education unanimously approved the 2022 tax rate of $5.2097, maintaining a voluntary tax rollback of 35-cents first introduced in 2017. This 35-cent rollback reduces the tax burden for the community by approximately $1.86 million for 2022.

While 2022 was a non-reassessment year, assessed valuations still increased by 6.91% over 2021. The primary reason for the overall increase is due to personal property valuations increasing by almost 30%. In addition, the Consumer Price Index (CPI), which is used in state-wide tax rate calculations to cap tax revenue on gains in valuation, was set at 7% for 2022 due to recent inflation trends. The combination of those two factors led to an increase in tax rates to $4.7197 for 2022, which is a $0.1059 increase from last year ($4.6138).

“The Affton School District and Board of Education remain committed to a fiscal approach that accounts for the needs of community members, families, students, and staff. This includes setting the tax rate lower than the maximum allowable level while also generating enough revenue to implement key strategies that support our students and employees,” said Dr. Travis Bracht, superintendent. “Affton will maintain quality learning opportunities for students and competitive staffing levels to assist with class sizes. The District will also continue to pursue competitive pay and benefits in an effort to retain and attract exceptional and qualified employees, which included a 5% pay increase for the 2022-23 school year with a similar raise projected for next year.” 

Affton School District has continued to honor its commitment to the community by investing over $4.3 million in capital improvements throughout the district in the current school year. 

Capital improvement plans for the 2022-23 school year include:
  • Roofing replacements at Gotsch Intermediate and Rogers Middle School;
  • Replacement of mechanical equipment to increase energy efficiency at Affton High School; 
  • Implementation of building automation controls to improve air quality and energy efficiency throughout the District;
  • New classroom furniture at Rogers Middle School and Affton High School; and
  • Safety improvements district-wide, such as window film, exterior/interior door replacements, and improving intercom communications systems.